Publisher’s Participation: GEMA’s Supervisory Board agrees on grace ending on 13 January 2018

01 December 2017 was set to be the final deadline for submissions in relation to the publisher participation for the past via the Electronic Confirmation Process (EBV/ECP). The Supervisory Board of GEMA has, however, agreed to grant a one-off period of grace ending on 13 January 2018.

Publisher members must submit their documents and details via the ECP (EBV) to GEMA by 01 December 2017 so that they will be taken into consideration for the reversal process. Due to a decision made by the Supervisory Board on 12 October 2017 works and agreement lists can now still be uploaded to GEMA’s servers until 13 January 2018. Publishers that have not yet finalised processing their works and agreement lists by 01 December 2017 can use this one-off deadline extension. This means for publishers: All works and agreement lists which are submitted via the ECP after 13 January 2018 can no longer be considered to avert a reversal process. Notwithstanding this additional deadline, GEMA kindly asks all publishers to upload the current processing status of their ECP lists via the ECP until 01 December 2017 so that GEMA can proceed with the processing of these enormous data volumes.

Please find here the complete member information.