Instructions for completing the forms for the Corona Relief Fund

Dear GEMA members,

The Corona Relief Fund serves to support GEMA members who are unusually hard hit by the corona pandemic and whose individual hardship caused by the pandemic cannot already be compensated for by the "Schutzschirm LIVE" or other support services.

Please have the following information ready to fill out the application form:

  • Cancelled concerts / lost fees: Information on lost revenue due to the cancellation of orders / concerts / tours from 1/3/2020 onwards caused by the corona pandemic with written confirmation from the organiser (PDF format)
  • Expenses: Information on costs already incurred or still to be incurred in connection with the cancelled events (please provide proof in PDF format if possible) 
  • Income: Information on the income of your household
  • Fixed costs per month: Information on rent, electricity/gas, social benefit payments and household insurance, monthly rates, etc.

The application will be reviewed on the basis of the information and evidence you provide. Incomplete or implausible applications must unfortunately be rejected in the interest of the solidarity community of GEMA members. Therefore, in your own interest, please ensure that your details and evidence are complete and comprehensible so that GEMA can help you.

If you have any questions about the emergency relief programme, please contact us at