Requirements for a prepayment from the "Schutzschirm LIVE"

GEMA members can apply for prepayments from the "Schutzschirm LIVE" under the following conditions:

1. The person submitting the application is a GEMA author, i.e. composer or lyricist.

2. Eligible to apply are GEMA authors who have received total distributions of between EUR 100 net and EUR 30,000 net from GEMA for the financial year 2018. At least 50 % of this revenue must be attributable to the member's total revenue in the following distribution categories and segments

  • Distribution category U: royalty segments 1-9 (including M supplements)
  • Distribution category E
  • Distribution category BM.

GEMA automatically checks if the GEMA author meets these revenue requirements.

3.If the above conditions are met, the member may request a prepayment. The amount of the prepayment is in principle 100% of the total distribution amount which the member has received for the 2018 financial year in the distribution categories and segments mentioned under 2, but at least EUR 300 net.

The amount available for the person entitled to apply is automatically calculated by GEMA and displayed via the GEMA Online Portal.

4. Applications can only be made via the GEMA Onlineportal for members on the GEMA website. It is not possible for an authorised representative to submit an application for the author via his portal access.

Please note: If you do not have an account for the GEMA Online Portal yet, you can register here. After that, log in, fill out the activation form and send it as a PDF attachment to, subject: Schutzschirm LIVE You will automatically receive an e-mail when you have been activated.

5. Applications can be submitted from now on, applications will be processed successively according to the date of receipt.

6. The prepayment is credited directly to the applicant's membership account. If the member account is debited with a third-party claim, a prepayment to the applicant is not possible, unless the creditors agree to the prepayment.

7. The prepayment is offset against the future income of the beneficiary. Offsetting the prepayment is not limited to the revenue in the distribution categories and segments mentioned under 2. Taking into account the further development of the corona pandemic and its effects on the music market, GEMA will not carry out the offsetting process before the main distribution in the distribution categories of live performance for the financial year 2021 (date of payment presumably 01/06/2022).

8. There is no legal claim to a prepayment being granted or approved.