Resolutions by the General Assembly

About 700 composers, lyricists and publishers took part in the GEMA virtual General Assembly from June 8-10. They discussed the future design of their association and decided on new features in the internal rules, especially in the statutes and the distribution plan.

Several motions were linked to tackling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Minimum income thresholds required for this membership level will be lowered for the duration of the pandemic so that income losses triggered by the pandemic do not deny members full membership.

At distribution level, special provisions for supplementary distributions in some categories will counteract distortions from collections decreases and event cancellations resulting from the pandemic.

Moreover, the Statutes were amended to allow online live voting as an additional option for members to contribute to the General Assembly.

Against the background of copyright reform, the General Assembly had already decided last year that the Deed of Assignment should be amended with regard to facilitating the licensing process for synchronisation rights vis-à-vis platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and TikTok. Building on that, the 2021 General Assembly resolved the distribution procedure for these additional collections.