Electronic Confirmation Process

The Electronic Confirmation Process (ECP) serves exclusively for notifying GEMA whether the author has expressly consented to the publisher's statutory remuneration claims (e.g. ZPÜ distributions and public lending rights) for future distributions.

Pursuant to Art 27 para a to Act on Collective Management Organisations (CMO Act), publishers can participate in distributions of statutory remuneration claims if the author has consented to the participation either after the release of the work or at the point when he declares the work. The legal provision was implemented in Art 26 clause 3 of GEMA's distribution plan. As with GEMA it is typically the publisher who declares the work, the author can, de facto, only provide an effective consent to the participation after the work has been declared. GEMA therefore had to establish a process allowing publishers to notify the author's consent after the declaration of the work.


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