Register commercials by using soundfiles

Finally, it gets easier.

The labour-intensive procedure for registering commercials re-regulated at this year’s Members' Assembly. In conjunction with the introduction of TV advertising monitoring, a reliable identification of your musical works contained in advertisements is now also possible without you having to submit a separate notification of the commercials.

Until now, an elaborate procedure to register audiovisual commercials was required. Each individual commercial where your musical work was used had to be registered separately and the signatures from the producers, the principal or the advertising agency had to be obtained. This can now be history.

Soundfiles - the prerequisite for advertising monitoring

The soundfile is going to be the essential element enabling the identification of the commercial and the music included in it in the course of TV monitoring. This is now also anchored in Article 37 of the Distribution Plan.

The future registration process provides that you initially submit your work registration via the GEMA online portal. Subsequently, the soundfile will be made available in the soundfile upload service of the portal, taking into account the format and quality requirements, and will then be released for the monitoring of music uses in TV commercials.

  • Audio files of the individual works in the soundfile upload + upload additional metadata = soundfiles
  • Formats + quality: wav (PCM-WAV), mp3 (320 kbps) --> without voice-over, no finished commercials!

The application for audiovisual commercials can also be made without obtaining a signature if the above requirements are met.

What are the timings I must observe?

As soon as the use of your work in a commercial is known and you have the GEMA work number, the soundfiles for the musical works used in the commercials should be uploaded.

Important registration and amendment deadlines for works and audiovisual works (AVWs) can be found here.

Below are the monitoring and upload deadlines for the soundfiles:

For which stations do we use monitoring data?

What about foreign advertising?

The new scheme only applies to commercials which are produced for exploitation in Germany. Commercials which are intended to be exclusively used abroad must still be registered separately.

In this context, GEMA will offer webinars to give you an understanding of the contents of the new scheme and to answer your questions.

The new motto is: “Register commercials by using soundfiles from now on.“


Do you want to receive additional information or do you have any questions regarding the GEMA soundfile upload?

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