Information on pay-outs

The revenue collected by GEMA based on the assignment of exploitation rights are - after a deduction of administration costs pursuant to the GEMA distribution plan - paid out to the rights holders. The GEMA distribution plan determines the allocation in each individual category and to the respective rights holders. Changes to the distribution plan are made based on resolutions taken by GEMA's Members' Assembly.

The usage frequency of the musical pieces is also an important basis for the distribution: All music users are obliged to submit notifications to GEMA on the musical works that have been performed, broadcast or reproduced. With the help of this information, the relevant distribution departments can determine the usage frequency for each individual work. This, in turn, forms the basis for the pay-out of the royalties to the rights owners.

The payment dates provide more information on the effective date of the pay-out.

The distribution statements give rights holders an opportunity to retrace the usage of their musical works (e.g. (Live) performances, TV and radio broadcasts, CD reproductions and digital reproductions), and the resulting royalties. 

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