My pay-out is not right, there are dates missing, or the number of works is incorrect. What can I do?

You can submit a claim for an incorrect pay-out quickly and easily using the following options:

  • You log in to the Online Portal and use the service Claims. For a transition period, our claims forms will also be available on the GEMA website, they can be found here.
  • For missing live events, use the service My setlists in the Online Portal where you can submit your setlists in the form of a claim.

Important: Before submitting any claims, please check whether a distribution has already been made for the period (see pay-out dates) and category. Please only claim such uses which are not included in your detailed statements or need to be claimed for other reasons.

Pursuant to §59 of the GEMA distribution plan, claims must contain specific details which permit a verification. You ensure that this is the case by providing the requested details in the Online Portal under Claims or by completing the respective form provided for the corresponding usage category.

Good to know: You can access details of your royalty distribution, i.e. detailed statements (individual statements and usage lists) of all distributed music usage and check them against your own files under the service GEMA Download on the Online Portal.

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