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My cession has already been redeemed, but is still registered with GEMA. How do I get my credit paid out to me?

The decisive factor here is the existing claim balance on your membership account regarding the assignment. In practice, there are two cases:

  1. The assignment has been fully paid off. In this case, your credits are automatically paid out to you.
  2. The assignment has, against expectations, not been fully paid. In this case, we require a letter from the creditor which shows that rights are no longer claimed on the basis of the assignment. As long as we have no authorisation from the creditor, they will continue to receive payments.

Check it in the Online Portal:

  • Assignments that have been fully paid off or been released are shown here.
  • Assignments that have been prematurely ended will be indicated with the claim balance that existed at the time of release.

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