There have been retroactive changes to my VAT liability. Are tax paybacks / chargebacks possible?

Yes, but we need a notification from you telling us from which point in time onwards the paybacks/chargebacks shall be effective.

We cannot correct account statements that have already been produced, however. The posting of the tax correction is shown on one of the subsequent account statements.

As a creator or an authorised representative, you can simply change the VAT liability in our Online Portal under the service My details.

If you do not use our online services, we kindly ask you to use the tax details form for your changes. Please send the termination either by e-mail to or by post to GEMA Generaldirektion, Mitglieder & Partner Administration, Rosenheimer Str. 11, 81667 Munich.

Payouts of VAT can only be made if we know your tax number and/or your UST ID number (VAT ID).

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