What is a synchronisation right?

The synchronisation right is applicable when musical works protected by copyright are used in an audiovisual production such as a cinema film or a DVD production.

In cases where licensees, such as cinema producers, want to use a song in their cinema film, they first have to clear what is known as the synchronisation right, i.e. the right to connect the film work with the respective musical work and to put the music into a new context (= audiovisual production) by doing so. This right is also referred to as sync right, abbreviated in German to “HR”.

The synchronisation right is assigned by the GEMA member to us pursuant to Article 1 i) (1) of the Deed of Assignment for rights management purposes. We are therefore generally responsible for licensing the synchronisation right to the licensees. The rightsholder, i.e. the author or publisher of a musical work also has the option to manage the synchronisation right directly with the licensee.  To do this, the rightsholder is required to revoke the synchronisation right from GEMA within the deadlines governed by the Deed of Assignment under Article 1 i) (1).

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