It is clear why music authors enjoy advantages if they are GEMA members: You can be sure that GEMA issues licences and checks the relevant exploitations of your works, and looks after the subsequent payment of your royalties. Just as well - ever since the internet revolution it has hardly been possible for you to check yourself where, when and how often your works were used in public.

By joining GEMA, each member automatically transfers the supervision of its exploitation rights to us. Since each usage of protected works is subject to licensing by law, a licence fee must be paid for each public performance - even if the event organiser and the author are identical.

This does not mean that GEMA is making it difficult for its members to promote their own works: Performing your own works for non-commercial purposes, on your own website, is free of charge once you have obtained a licence.


Forms & information


Membership application for music authors

Information on the membership application for authors
Information on forms of membership

How do I become a GEMA member?

If you would like to become a GEMA member, please submit a membership application form. If you meet the required criteria for applicants, you will receive a deed of assignment from GEMA. Once you have signed the agreement, you are a GEMA member.

The deed of assignment is valid for a duration of three years. It is extended automatically by a further period of three years unless notice is given half a year before the end of the deadline. Before you decide to become a GEMA member, you should decide on a few items for yourself first.

When does a GEMA membership make sense for me financially?
If your own musical works are published in the current year or the commercial exploitation is imminent.

Please note: As a GEMA member, you assign the exploitation rights for all your works to GEMA. This also means that you would obtain licences from GEMA as a user of your own works. Such situations occur when you may organise your own concerts, produce your own CDs, or publish/stream your own works via the internet for commercial purposes, for example.

What does a GEMA membership cost?
All members pay the same membership fee. It is EUR 50.00 for authors and EUR 100.00 for publishers. There is a one-off admission fee to become a GEMA member. Authors pay EUR 90.00 (plus 19% VAT; a total of EUR 107.10), and music publishers pay EUR 180.00 (plus 19% VAT; a total of EUR 214.20).

What is my membership level at the beginning of my GEMA membership?
Music authors and publishers start with an affiliate membership. Under specific conditions, music publishers can apply for associate membership. Please check the membership application for further details.

Which membership level can I reach during my GEMA membership and which is the most useful one for me?
If you wish to benefit predominantly from our collective rights management - i.e. royalty payments - an affiliated membership is sufficient. This membership category makes up the biggest group within GEMA. An associate membership can be interesting for you if you wish to be active within GEMA and apply for full membership at a later stage.

You can only apply for full membership - informally - once you have been an associate member for five years and once you have generated a specific minimum income level. As a full member, you gain both rights and duties. Full members do, for example, enjoy the right to vote at GEMA’s General Assembly and may, if they meet specific requirements, benefit from GEMA’s social fund and GEMA’s pension fund.


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