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Benefit of exclusive attractive offers, relevant to your sector, as part of your GEMA membership: Discounts for trade fairs and conferences, performances during showcases and participation in workshops.


FAQs Member programme


GEMA supports at least 2 showcases per year.

There are no preferred genres. GEMA addresses organisers from the most diverse music genres.

The Communications Division regularly seeks to enter into new collaborations with event organisers in order to create even more performance opportunities for young artists. If you have any suggestions for festivals etc. where you would like to see showcases, please let us know: We organize showcases at which our members would actually like to play!

The winners will be selected by the respective organiser. If it is a showcase at GEMA (such as at the Long Night of Music), the winner will be selected via an internal vote by all GEMA employees.

Interested artists/bands can apply directly at using the application form of the respective showcase. Please refrain from sending us an application by any other means (e-mail, telephone, ...).

Yes, every applicant is checked against our database. At least one performing band member must be a GEMA member.

GEMA pays the winning bands an expense allowance of EUR 500 per band.

This varies from showcase to showcase. Usually one to five bands/artists are selected.


Unfortunately, we are currently not able to stream workshops.

The current topics and further information on the contents of the workshops can be found at

The workshops of the membership programme have so far only taken place in the two main offices (Generaldirektionen) of GEMA in Berlin and Munich. From 2020 onwards, we want to offer the workshops throughout Germany.

If the workshop is fully booked and there is an option for a waiting list place, you will find this information directly at the respective event. To get on the waiting list, simply fill out the form. Should a place become available for you, we will inform you by e-mail or telephone.

The registration can be made directly via using the registration form of the respective workshop. Please refrain from sending us a registration by any other means (e-mail, telephone, ...) since we cannot take it into account.

The speakers at our workshops on all aspects of GEMA come directly from the respective GEMA departments so that your questions can be answered competently.

Since 2019, we have been expanding our offer by adding the workshop series "From members for members". The speakers come from our members’ ranks. In addition, we also offer workshops on topics for which we draw on external speakers.

Should you be unable to attend the workshop on the day of the workshop, please inform us briefly by sending an e-mail to

As long as you have informed us in good time (up to 48 hours in advance), there will be no costs for you. If you have failed to inform us, your member account will be debited with the participation fee of EUR 10.

Depending on the location and available space, the possible number of participants varies between 20 and 50 persons.

No, there is a participation fee of EUR 10. This amount is intended to cover part of the hospitality expenses.

Our workshops are currently exclusively for GEMA members and their representatives/authorised persons. In future, however, we plan to offer workshops for non-members, e.g. for licensees.

You can send suggestions, requests and ideas for improvement at any time to


As part of a selection process in 2016, GEMA has asked several companies for offers to support an insurance programme for members. In addition to experience in the association sector, the topics of performance, service and costs were examined in particular. After evaluating the offers received, GEMA has taken the clear decision to let WvS look after the insurance section of the membership programme.

As the offer within the framework of GEMA policies is exclusively and specifically related to the needs and risks relevant to authors/composers/lyricists/publishers, it may be that the trusted insurer does not cover these risks or can only include them in existing insurance policies at additional cost. WvS was able to negotiate better terms with the insurance companies by pooling similar risks in large numbers. This is particularly noticeable in the free inclusion of musical instruments, the 11 common professional activities in the GEMA membership and additionally a private liability insurance.

Due to the deep understanding of the insurance-relevant needs of GEMA members and the possibility to negotiate and cover these needs in combination with the various renowned insurance companies, WvS is able to cover the specific risks more cost-effectively than is possible in "standard" and "special" insurance contracts. In addition, WvS also ensures that the protection is adjusted during the term of the contract (e.g. cyber-protection, etc.) through ongoing maintenance of the contracts. The GEMA Business Policy is unique in the market. Insurance benefits relevant to GEMA members were negotiated exclusively by WvS and cannot be purchased on the market in this way.

Since WvS acts only as an intermediary, you have concluded your contract with the respective insurance company individually and it is then valid independently of WvS within the framework of the agreed conditions. However, in order to be able to continue to offer our members an excellent service, GEMA would endeavour to find an adequate replacement for the support of insurance matters in the event of WvS leaving.

The costs of the insurance packages always depend on the individual tailoring in each case. In principle, however, the packages should be at least 20% less expensive than if one would conclude this package directly with the individual insurers.

Private liability insurance applies only to private claims. However, liability cases arising in the course of professional activity as a self-employed person are generally not covered. This is where WvS offers a business liability insurance, into which the private liability is already integrated. This is somewhat more expensive than a pure private liability insurance but covers both risks.

Depending on the subject matter, WvS works with the most competent insurers in each case, who are also generally among the top addresses in the industry: R+V, Basler, ERGO, Allianz.

Several claims have been settled since the insurance offer was launched. For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot go into details of individual cases here, but so far, on average, 100% of the notified amount of damages has been paid.

GEMA has agreed with WvS on the payment of a remuneration for each conclusion of a contract. Such fees are exclusively used for financing the membership programme.

In the course of the individual consultations with GEMA members, it was established that approx. 95% of the interested parties were not insured according to their needs. In the case of commercial contracts, the application of the GEMA Business Policy has resulted in a significant increase in cover and benefits, with a simultaneous cost saving of approx. 50%. For small businesses, the savings are on average 30% with equally significant performance improvements.

The basic rule is: Whoever causes damage to others (persons or companies) through carelessness or recklessness must pay the full amount. This does not only affect the red wine stain on the expensive tablecloth, but also accidents in which people are injured. If damage is caused, the injured party has a legal claim against the person causing the damage for payment of appropriate compensation. Thus, if a private person or a company inflicts damage on another person or a third-party object, compensation must be paid. In the worst case, the party causing the damage is liable with all of its personal assets. Without insurance cover, this can mean financial ruin. For this reason alone, private liability insurance is a must. It applies to the private sector and insures personal injury, property damage and financial losses. In the event of claims for damages, the insurer not only checks and pays for the damage, but also protects against unjustified claims. In the event of a legal dispute, the insurer will conduct the proceedings and bear the costs.

A personal liability insurance only covers privately caused damage. If someone carries out an activity as a freelancer/self-employed person, and receives remuneration for it, this no longer falls within the private sector. This also applies accordingly to secondary professional activities. In the event of damage, the person causing the damage is also liable as a direct debtor and, if necessary, with their personal assets. The GEMA professional liability insurance and the GEMA business policy even include a non-contributory personal liability insurance in addition to the professional liability insurance. Both types of liability claims are thus well covered.

Professional liability insurance is not a blanket insurance, but the insurer looks very carefully at which activities are to be insured and evaluates the risk and the insurance price accordingly. The activities are listed in the insurance policy and only these activities are then insured. So when you start a new activity, you should always check whether it is also covered under the existing insurance or whether you can include it (if necessary with a surcharge on the insurance premium). In order to make this topic as uncomplicated as possible for the majority of GEMA members, the 11 most common professional activities are automatically included in the GEMA membership in the GEMA professional liability insurance and the GEMA Business Policy.

The minimum sum for professional liability insurance is EUR 3 million and automatically forms the basis of all GEMA insurance offers. The amounts of cover can be increased to EUR 5 million or EUR 10 million if desired. The choice of this amount depends on the respective case and the individual security needs of the GEMA member and is agreed upon during the consultation.

The 11 most common professional activities in the GEMA membership are always included, so that if you expand your own activities in this field (e.g. a musician also gives music lessons) you do not have to worry about coverage. A personal liability insurance (family insurance incl. children) is integrated free of charge. Compared to the market, GEMA professional indemnity insurance is generally more comprehensive, more powerful and more cost-effective.


In addition to discounts on tickets for trade fairs and events, from the first day of your membership we offer benefits related to music making, which make the start as well as everyday life as a professional musician easier. The benefit area is currently under construction. You can check which new types of cooperation have been concluded and are available here:

There are no limits in that regard.

GEMA has no advantage. In cooperation with our partners, we would like to increase the added value of your membership in GEMA from the first day.