Membership Account

At GEMA, we keep a so-called membership account for each member where all credits and debits are aggregated. Credits typically arise for the use of works, debits for charges such as the membership fee, for example. Your account statement shows a summary of all your accounting transactions.

Just like with online banking for current accounts, music authors and publishers who get an activation for the GEMA online services can access their account movements of a full month online, and print out account statements, analyses and the so-called status report.

Copies or duplicates of account statements can be generated retroactively from 2001 onwards. You can also download the data in Excel format.

Here is an overview of what the online service “My membership account” offers:

  • Access to your membership account
  • Download of accounting transactions from 01/01/2006
  • Printout of account statements from 01/04/2001
  • Changes to your address and bank details
  • Amendments to your tax details
  • Options to enter and amend communication details


Access your account statement

FAQs My Membership Account
Usage application
Usage application für partner societies
How do I set up my account?

The account statement usually includes:

  • A credit attachment
  • An invoice attachment

The accounting entries listed in the attachments are shown in the account statement in aggregate. Such a display of the accounting

The Account Statement
List of Abbreviations

In order to guarantee a continuous cashflow, GEMA pays out its collections at regular distribution dates throughout the whole year. The dates depend on the category. 

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