Information on online services
My membership account

In order to simplify processing your payment data, GEMA members have access to the online service “my membership account”. For security reasons, we need your personal registration for this service prior to your first use. 

This service offers you the following options:

  • Access your membership account
  • Download entries from 01/01/2006 onwards
  • Print off account statements from 01/04/2001 onwards
  • Change your address and bank details
  • Enter your communication details
  • Ask us

Start online service

The payment of the collected fees to the rights owners takes place on fixed dates Members receive the respective account statements automatically.


Account statement

The following is usually included in the account statement:

  • Attachment “Credits”
  • Attachment “Debit”

The entries listed in the attachments are accumulated on the account statement. It is important to show the booking entries this way so that GEMA can provide a consistent proof of credits and debits. 

Your contact details

Do you wish to change your bank details, your tax details or your address? We have collated the relevant forms and contact info for you here.


Bank details

Tax or VAT ID number

Change of address form