Registration of works

We support you when you register your works, sub-publishing agreements and audiovisual productions. To this end, and depending on the registration volume, we provide technical registration procedures, online applications and forms.

Should you receive work confirmations and agreement declarations by post, and should you wish to switch to e-mail dispatch, or alternatively, to SFTP/FTPS downloads, please send us a message to

In order to send us a work declaration, you need to be a GEMA member. You can find out here how to become a member.

Technical work registration processes

We process work declarations in the CWR format (CWR = Common Works Registration). CWR is a registration format, developed by CISAC, for original and sub-publishers with very high registration volumes. For medium-size registration volumes, we provide a web-based registration process in xml format. If any of these formats is suitable for you, please send us an e-mail to

Additional forms and information

Annex to the sub-publisher registration

Information on amendments to a work

Additional work information on the combined term of protection

List of terms of protection (14/01/2015) Information on arrangements that can be protected

List of instrumentation according to CISAC standards 


Audiovisual productions

Registration of music works for film and TV

Would you like to register music for film and TV productions, e.g. for cinema movies, TV broadcasts or commercial films? In that case, please use the form “Registration of audiovisual productions”.

Would you like to let us know that you manage the production rights for your music in a film production such as a cinema movie, a commercial film, a co-production or DVD yourself, or would you like GEMA to do so, then please use the form “Reversion/Assignment - preliminary information”.

There are slightly different requirements for the registration of music works in commercials - in the sense of product advertising. In that case, please use the form “Registration of audiovisual commercials”.



Registration for audiovisual productions (AV productions)
Continuation page for the registration of additional work titles
Reversion/Assignment - Preliminary information
(only in German)
Registration of audiovisual commercials including commercial separators and trailers


Further information

Information on the registration of audiovisual productions (AV productions)
Information on the registration of audiovisual commercials including commercial separators and trailers
(only in German)
Information for AV producers for the making of audiovisual productions (only in German)


Our central member service team answers all your questions regarding GEMA membership and admission procedures, declaration and documentation of (audiovisual) works or sub-publishing agreements, work classifications, verification of shares or protectability for usages.

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