TIS - The Territory Information System

The TIS Territory Information System is the multi-language territory standard of CISAC, the international umbrella organisation of collecting societies. The standard is managed by GEMA and supervised by the TIS Management Committee of CISAC.

The Territory Information System contains all relevant information about territories

  • Basic information about territories, i.e. countries and groups of countries, together with their numerical territorial codes. Examples of these numerical codes are 276 for Germany and 2136 for the world.
  • The names of territories, together with their alpha and/or alphanumerical codes. Examples: DE for Germany and 2WL for the world.
  • The hierarchical dependencies between territories, as in "Country A belongs to Country B from / to ". Example: Germany has belonged to the European Union since 1958.
  • The historical dimensions of territories, such as their former and current names, the historical territorial data, the former and current status of hierarchical dimensions. Example: TIS contains information about countries no longer in existence like Czechoslovakia and its successors the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

These data permit an exact, explicit and time-based interpretation of, for example, territorial dimensions of agreements.

The TIS territory standard is based on ISO Standard 3166

The codes and names of countries have been extracted from this authoritative ISO standard.