Work categorisation

Pay-outs in categories E, U (collection segments pursuant to Art. 84 items 1 to 8), R and FS, are subject to integral payment elements for individual works, such as the number of performances and the point value, together with the distribution keys I to IV (Articles 63 to 66) of GEMA’s distribution plan.


Upon the exploitation of works that have been declared to and registered with GEMA in said categories, it will determine the points in accordance with distribution keys I, II or III (Articles 63 to 65). Works pursuant to distribution key IV (Art. 66), such as works with a full or predominantly improvisational character, shall be subject to direct accounting as part of categories ED or UD.


Our members can verify the point rating, and, where applicable, the classification of their individual works based on the individual statements.


If a member sees the need to complain about the point rating in the distribution for specific works, it has the option to file an informal application for a qualified rating. The processing of such applications for a (re)classification is based on complete music scores of the relevant works. Published or otherwise available recordings must also be submitted. Works which are entirely or nearly entirely of an improvisational character, or electro-acoustic music, are an exception. For these works, it suffices to submit the sound recordings and written explanations on the work arrangement. For the purpose of verifying the classification as contemporary jazz of artistic significance and with a concert character pursuant to distribution key II item 2, it suffices to provide sound recordings.


Please contact our department “Musikdienst und Gremienarbeit” with your (re)classification application.


Address: GEMA, Musikdienst und Gremienarbeit, Postfach 80 07 67, 81607 München