Services catalogue

The new services catalogue is primarily the result of various suggestions arising from our 2014 member survey. These suggestions led to specific new features which were agreed upon during our annual general meeting 2015. Our goal is clear: To align GEMA's range of services even more to our members' individual requirements.

We would like to offer you a fair and transparent service package, equipped with an attractive additional value. The services catalogue is an important prerequisite in order to be able to continue to offer high quality services which are aligned with our members’ individual needs in a more and more digital and complex environment.

The redesign also guarantees a fair allocation between fees collected and services you requested. From now it is possible for you - in line with your individual requirements -  to access an extended range of fee-based services. The idea behind it: Members will have the flexibility to access individual services at any time, without such services being financed at the expense of all members. Only members who are actually using such services will pay for them. This applies particularly to services that are accessed sporadically or can alternatively be accessed free of charge via the online section on GEMA's website.

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Chargeable Services Overview