GEMA Ehrennadel [honorary badge] for Axel Voss

For his special services to the interests of GEMA and the members it represents, Axel Voss received the GEMA Ehrennadel [honorary badge]. Alex Voss accepted the award in person on May 11, 2023 in Munich during the GEMA General Assembly.

Dr. Harald Heker, CEO of GEMA, said in his laudatory speech: “And you, dear Mr Voss, have done exactly that, without a doubt. Since 2009, you have been an MEP and were involved in the large political decisions concerning digital matters over the last few years. From the European General Data Protection Regulation to the Artificial Intelligence Act, the legis-lative process for dealing with artificial intelligence, which is currently on a home stretch in Brussels.”

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Axel Voss

...has been a member of the European Parliament since 2009. The thematic focus of his parliamentary work is digital. On the occasion of the award, he summed up:

“I am very happy to be awarded this honorary badge by GEMA. A milestone has been set for creators’ rights protection with the copyright reform. Copyright as a property law must also be protected in the digital world!”