Update on automatic debits

Information from 27.03.2020

In the past few days, GEMA licence fees from current licensing agreements for dates due in April 2020 or individual invoices have already been automatically collected from your bank. This is due to the fact that this automatic booking process was initiated at the beginning of March after the due dates had been sent. For this reason, GEMA automatically debited customer accounts for April within the scope of previously issued SEPA mandates.

Unfortunately, this also affected licensees whose contracts were suspended after GEMA's announcement of 20/03/2020 (closure by official orders, see also Dealing with licensing agreements .

This is due to the process-related time periods (invoicing time/bank communication) and the large number of license agreements affected.

As announced on the website, we will correct this in the follow-up with the official closures. You do not need to make any further arrangements at this time. At the same time, we ask for your understanding for the challenges arising from the current situation.