cable network operators

GEMA grants cable network operators and operators of master broadcasting antennas the music rights for retransmission according to §§ 20, 20b German Copyright Act. The retransmission right allows the responsible network operators to feed in the broadcasted program simultaneously, unaltered and thoroughly in the respective cable network and retransmit it to the associated households.

Cable network operators or operators of master broadcasting antennas can sign up for GEMA via a questionnaire. On the basis of the provided information it will subsequently be checked whether or not you have an obligation to pay remuneration. Members of ANGA, FRK or GdW may contact their organization in this regard and be advised there.


Tarif für die Weitersendung von Hörfunk- und Fernsehprogrammen in Kabelnetzen (Kabelweitersendung)

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