Get everything done via our Online Portal. With these services.

Our online services make your daily routine as a music user easier. Whenever you use our services, you can manage invoices, offers and contracts, amend your customer details, if required, submit setlists, search for GEMA works and, of course, determine how much the use of music will cost. All of this in one place in our Online Portal.


My details

No matter whether it’s about e-mail or postal addresses, company or bank details: Whenever your customer details change, you can amend them directly in our Online Portal. Just access the area My details and update the data that has changed.

My invoices

All invoices regarding events are neatly stored in the Online Portal. You can view the invoice date, the invoice number and the amount in question under My invoices.   In addition, you have the option to download a copy of the respective invoice. If you wish to ask for a change regarding an event, please select this accordingly. Please enter the reason for the change and upload any evidence.

My contracts

For contractual matters, access My contracts Here, you can view whether you are looking at an offer, an active or an already terminated contract. The amount and the place of use is also indicated here. Additionally, you have the option to accept an offer or to have it amended. As before, you can amend active contracts or terminate them. In the case of the latter, please enter the date of and the reason for the termination

My transactions

Your current account balance and an overview of your postings is shown under My transactions. Apart from the payment date, the invoice number and the posting type is allocated to the transactions. This is how you keep a good overview of your finances. 

My events

Here, you can see the processing status of your events at this moment. You can submit setlists or request a change. If you select copy registration, you can use the data for one event for another. Making things easier for you when you register music.  

My setlists

Do you want to submit setlists, reuse them or just check whether a playlist has already been filed? You can do this and more in the area My setlists. If required, create contacts for generating setlists and download the playlists as a PDF. 

Price calculator

With the price calculator, you first determine the price and can then register the music right away. Directly via the Online Portal. In a step-by-step process, you will be asked to complete all relevant details so that you can determine the exact price.  Did you know? You can also use the price calculator just for information and complete the notification process later

Search repertoire

The repertoire search provides you the first indication whether a work is part of the GEMA repertoire or not. By using this search, you can also determine the creators and publishers of works in order to get in touch with them e.g. if you are a film producer and want to use music for a film or for a commercial.