Everything you need to know on how to register your works

As a member of GEMA, it is important that you register your repertoire with us in a complete and timely manner so that we can license the exploitation of your works on your behalf and subsequently pay out your royalties. What does this mean for you?

No registration - no payout

Access links to online applications and forms as well as additional information on work registration, contractual arrangements and audiovisual productions. In order to register your repertoire, you must become a member of GEMA first member of GEMA

Overview of registration deadlines

Corresponding to the distribution periods and payment dates for our individual categories, there are deadlines prior to which a work registration or amendment has to reach GEMA.

Distribution period

Payment date Registration of new works until

Amendments of works until

Categories (selection)


01/01 - 31/12/ of a year

01/04 of the following year

01/11 of the current year

01/10 of the current year

Live (e.g. U music, E music, stage music)

01/01 - 31/12/ of a year

01/07 of the following year

31/01 of the following year

01/10 of the current year

Radio, film, TV

01/01 - 30/06 of a year

quarterly/bi-annual distribution

01/09 of the current year

31/07 of the current year

Sound recordings, audiovisual recordings

01/07 - 31/12 of a year

quarterly/bi-annual distribution

01/03 of the following year

31/01 of the following year

Sound recordings, audiovisual recordings

If the receipt date of the registration or amendment lies after the above mentioned dates, you have no entitlement to a distribution at the due date or to making claims for the relevant distribution period for the relevant category.
Musical works

Repertoire Search

Have you already registered works? You wish to know who composed a specific work or which publisher you need to contact to obtain an authorisation to arrange a work, set it to music or use it?

Our online database “Repertoire Search" is at your disposal for your research purposes

Repertoire Search

If you are a member it is really worth it if you ask for an enhanced access to be activated for you.

Your advantages

  • Well enhanced search functions
  • Detailed work information such as author and publisher shares for your own works
  • Create your own work reports
  • Export works or work lists from the GEMA database in pdf, xml or cwr format for further processing in your system


Access to the enhanced online database has been free of charge since 2015 onwards.

Repertoire Search (enhanced access)

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