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Distribution of performances and broadcasts in Germany

Do you have any questions on your distributions for TV, including third party productions and product advertisements (FS, TFS), cinema and commercial films (T, TD), radio (R), entertainment category performances (live music) including mechanical playbacks (U) as well as serious music performances (E) and stage music (BM) in Germany?


A/S Service
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For claims regarding unpaid domestic performance and broadcasting royalties the below-mentioned standard forms should be used and sent to the e-mail address


Prior to submitting a claim, please check on „payment dates“ and in your statements resp. usage breakdowns on "GEMA Download" if royalties have been paid out already. General information about how to claim and how far back can be found here.

Claim domestic music usage - Live Performance         Excel

Claim domestic music usage - Radio                                Excel

Claim domestic music usage - Television                        Excel

Claim domestic music usage - Advertising                     Excel


Please direct your application for a distribution in the broadcasting rights category (radio or TV) for stations below the threshold for a programme analysis-based distribution to the relevant department, Broadcasting Rights Distribution ( Please consider the regulations according to § 94 of GEMA’s distribution plan.


Applications for hardship rules for mechanical playbacks should be directed to the responsible department Distribution Perfoming Rights ( Please take into account the regulations according to § 130 of GEMA’s distribution plan.

Distribution for audio/audiovisual recordings, music-on-demand, ringtone melodies, websites or usages abroad

If you have questions in relation to your distributions for audio/audiovisual recordings (PHONO + BT), online (MOD, KMOD, VOD, WEB) in Germany or usages of your works outside of Germany (A AR, A VR)?


VR/A Service
GEMA Generaldirektion
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Claim domestic music usage - sound recordings (only in german)
Claims domestic music usage - online (only in german)