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Never before has music been listened to via such an array channels, at any time of the day, as today. Music has become a medium to convey emotions and makes a crucial contribution to the successful marketing of films, productions and longings, too.

Music is the result of personal works and efforts by creatives and therefore the intellectual property of the respective music author. GEMA is an association with more than 70,000 members and can look back on a long past and history bound by tradition - and we are proud of that.

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The new services catalogue is a transparent and comprehensive summary of all services provided by GEMA to its members, and permits a quick overview. It is tailored to the needs of GEMA members and ensures a fair distribution, as it enables cost savings to be made for services which are regularly requested.

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GEMA keeps a so-called membership account for each member where all credits and debits are aggregated. Credits typically arise for the use of works, debits for charges such as the membership fee, for example. Your account statement shows a summary of all your book entries.


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GEMA's royalty distribution

The revenue collected by GEMA based on the assignment of exploitation rights are - after a deduction of administration costs pursuant to the GEMA distribution plan - paid out to the rights holders. The GEMA distribution plan determines the allocation in each individual category. You can access further details here:

Royalty distribution

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Benefit of exclusive attractive offers, relevant to your sector, as part of your GEMA membership: Discounts for trade fairs and conferences, performances during showcases and participation in workshops.