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Choose the applicable tariff for your music use! GEMA passes on your payment to its members - composers, lyricists and music publishers.

Tariff calculator and notification of a music use

Music use: Event, concert, background music in offices, discotheques, music pubs, trade fairs, music re-transmission in hotels

Non-binding calculation of the actual licence fee for the most common music uses. These include the following in addition to the above: Online on websites, reproductions for the communication to the public. Separate tools area available for the notification of a sound recording, podcast, web radio or stream.

Extended access: Once you have logged in, you can also announce (license) the music use you had searched for online.

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How to license and research sound recordings

Register (license) your audio carriers, audio books, music videos and special productions.

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Notification of a music use on the internet

Notification (licensing) of podcasts, web radios and streaming on non-commercial websites. If the licensing process is completed successfully, the licence is active immediately.

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General agreement partners

Information on general agreements between GEMA and associations and entities

Pursuant to Art. 12 UrhWG (German Copyright Administration Act), GEMA is obliged to enter into general agreements with music users’ associations if this is deemed reasonable.
By entering into a general agreement, the user association undertakes to provide support under the general agreement (information and awareness training for members of the association, mediation in the case of disputes etc.) For these kind of services, the members of the association obtain a so-called general agreement rebate.

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