In the scope of the transition to the derived shares and in cooperation with the working group „Proposal 19“, additional dates have been agreed upon. Following is an overview of the dates with their main topics. This table will be updated regularly with further dates.

Migration of the share pictures postponed to 1 June 2022

In the meeting of the GEMA Supervisory Board on 8 December 2021, Supervisory Board and Managing Committee of GEMA decided to postpone the migration of the share pictures to the new derivation logic to 1 June 2022. This is intended to ensure that there is enough time for an adequate preparation for the transfer of the entire work inventory to the new derivation logic.

Comprehensive checks and a good understanding of the deviations that have taken place is required, in particular for the analysis of the deviation reports. In addition, the work category “asymmetric works” requires special attention so that the royalties will be paid out correctly to the participants. Checking asymmetric creator-publisher relationships and correcting them in the documentation need an intensive exchange of information between the publishers participating in the work.  The tight schedule in the case of a migration on 1 April 2022 would not be enough to work on this special subject and applying the necessary quality.  Any arising quality deficiencies could lead to certain consequences in the course of the distribution. That is why the migration has been postponed to 1 June 2022.

31 January 2022Meeting of working group proposal 19
15 February 2022Mailing to publishers regarding the date reminder
23 February 2022Meeting of working group proposal 19
25 February 2022End of file upload via the Electronic Confirmation Process (ECP) –
start of downtime until early April
28 February 2022End of submission of queries on deviation reports
1 March 2022Deactivation of the query form Deviation report and
online database with the new share rules
5 March 2022 -
20 March 2022
Stop of import work registration
20 March 2022End of submission of corrections to asymmetrical works with strong revenues
23 March 2022Mailing to publishers – Information about the finale Migration
28 March 2022Meeting of working group proposal 19
6 April 2022Re-Activation of ECP Services
(Restart from file upload via the Electronic Confirmation Process)
2 May 2022Meeting of working group proposal 19
1 June 2022First distribution with the new derivation logic