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29 June 2017

Electronic Confirmation Process: GEMA information on the registration

The Electronic Confirmation Process (ECP) enters the next stage: the uploaded ECP lists are being processed. Pursuant to Art. 49 of the distribution plan, GEMA shall confirm the changes undertaken in relation to the work registrations in the coming weeks. This shall take place in the course of the documentation submitted as part of the ECP process. All authors and publishers involved in the work in question shall receive such confirmations.
In the case of originally published repertoire (OP lists), all original publishers (composers, lyricists, arrangers of public domain works, arrangers of medleys) of a work and the original publisher shall be informed accordingly. In the case of sub-published repertoire (SP lists), only the relevant sub-publishers will be informed. This will be done, in all cases, via e-mail or by post. Confirmations may also be issued in cases where original publishing or sub-publishing agreements have already been terminated. It is crucial that the publishing agreements were in force on or after 01/01/2011. The confirmation message shall include the following information:
  • Database work number
  • Title
  • Details on the original authors
  • Details on the publisher/s to be represented
  • ECP result between author and publisher
  • Period of validity of the agreement for the publisher participation
    • commencing on 01/01/2011 (start of the earliest financial year which would be the basis for a potential reversal from payment date 01 July 2012) at the earliest; terminating on 31/12/2400 (in the case of agreements which are open-ended or concluded based on the term of protection), at the latest
Rights holders may raise and objection against the works registrations within three months of receipt of the respective confirmation notifications. Furthermore, access shall be provided to publishers to a revised ECP process for changes and amendments to previously registered publisher participation indicators and identifiers from September onwards. All information about publishers’ participation in pay-outs/Electronic Confirmation Process