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18 January 2012

Statement on the allegations from Grooveshark

Contrary to its statements, the provider Grooveshark did not discontinue its services in Germany due to disproportionately high operating expenses.
The fact is, as a service provider Grooveshark fundamentally refuses to pay compensation in any shape or form at all for the service. As of this writing, Grooveshark has also not contacted GEMA in any way.

For this reason, "Grooveshark, the 'rogue Web site' among music streaming services," as calls the service, is now already confronted with law suits – for example, lawsuits initiated by Universal Music, Warner Music and EMI Music.

Google and Apple have also recently banned Grooveshark apps from the Android Market and App Stores.

And so the reason for discontinuing the service in Germany is not, as the information on Grooveshark's Web site wrongly suggests, a disagreement regarding the amount of compensation, but rather the reason is the basic fact that Grooveshark has to let artists and other copyright owners share in its revenue.

If you as a user of Grooveshark have suffered any monetary damages, please contact the provider of this service directly with your complaints: