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24 February 2012

Statement on the interview on Welt Online

An interview on Welt Online with the president and CEO of Sony Music, Edgar Berger, has caused a great amount of excitement since February 22, 2012. Berger refers to GEMA in one section of the interview.
Jörg Evers, chairman of GEMA's Supervisory Board, issued this statement as clarification: "Basically, GEMA does not block any works on YouTube. The one exception to this basic principle are a mere twelve selected works as part of a test case. Actually, Mr. Berger should also have been aware of this. Considering the endless number of music works on YouTube, one certainly cannot assess this as a noticeable, let alone million-fold impairment for this service or for its suppliers." It is very obvious that YouTube itself is blocking videos. In addition, many videos are blocked directly by recording companies or their artists. Therefore, the correct channel for Sony Music would be to contact YouTube. By the way, YouTube can purchase a license at any time, as GEMA is under the obligation to conclude a contract (obligation to contract). GEMA is not allowed to refuse to grant the corresponding rights. GEMA's new rate, VR-OD 9, is in line with the market and is accepted by the market participants to that effect. If YouTube still considers the rate to be too high, they can have it reassessed by the arbitration board of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA).