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Will I get an IPI number? And where can I find it?

No, you will not get an IPI number. Even if the IPI number is often wrongly mentioned on the web, also in connection with GEMA.  What is referred to here is usually the  IP name number,  which is allocated by the international IPI database to creators and publishers . This number is then communicated to GEMA to such creators and publishers as part of the membership admission procedure to enable their identification as rightsholders at an international level. There is also an IP base number to which the existing IP name numbers can be linked; it is, in a way, the umbrella number. More on this in our  article on different available identifiers.  
As a GEMA member, you can find the IP name number in the Online Portal in the service  My details under the panel My IP name numbers. The respective IP base number is  also shown in  My details under  My membership details. The IP base number is also located on the top right hand side in the Deed of Assignment.

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