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When does GEMA membership make sense for me?

We always look forward to welcoming new members. Before you decided to become a member, you should ensure that a membership makes economic sense to you as a creator.  This is the case if your own musical pieces are performed in public, broadcast on the radio or on TV or released by third parties via commercially published sound/audiovisual rights sound to a certain extent.  The same applies if such commercial exploitations are imminent. 

Good to know: A member must pay a licence fee if it organises the public exploitation of its own works. Since you assign your exploitation rights as a member to us, you must acquire the licence for the use of your own works from us if you act as the music user, for example when you organise concerts or produce sound recordings. Said income will, however, be paid out to you again, after we have deducted the administration costs.

With our live slider you can check whether a membership makes senses.

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