Reporting channels for information and complaints

GEMA is committed to compliance and to acting in a lawful, socially, and ethically responsible manner that complies with human rights and environmental law. The consideration of social principles and values for business activities and the assumption of social responsibility is a matter of course for GEMA: “Because we value music“.

At GEMA's internal reporting office and via our whistleblower portal, employees and third parties, e.g. members, customers or business partners, can confidentially and, if they wish, anonymously report violations of laws and regulations that have already been committed or are very likely to be committed, or report attempts to conceal violations of laws and regulations.

Internal reporting office: GEMA's central compliance team

Contact persons

  • Dr. Kai Welp (Chief Compliance Officer)
  • Ulrike Aigner (Compliance Officer and Human Rights Officer, GEMA Legal department/Compliance)

Telefon: +49 89 488003 273

Legal department/compliance (confidential/personal)
Rosenheimer Straße 11
81667 München

We are happy to receive information in writing, by telephone or in person. We are available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. We are also happy to arrange a personal appointment or a video call at another time. Any information received will always be treated confidentially.

Whistleblower portal

Whistleblowers can contact us at any time via our whistleblower portal. Reports can also be submitted anonymously. At the same time, it is very helpful for us if whistleblowers can be contacted so that we can ask them questions that could be useful for the investigation. By setting up a so-called mailbox within the whistleblower portal, particularly protected and anonymous communication is made possible. Further information can be found in the FAQ of the whistleblower portal.

Interne Meldestelle

Zentrales Compliance-Team der GEMA

Christopher Burum
(Chief Compliance Officer)

Ulrike Aigner
(Compliance Officer und Menschenrechtsbeauftragte, GEMA-Rechtsabteilung/ Compliance)

Telefon: +49 89 488003 273
Post: Rechtsabteilung/Compliance (vertraulich/persönlich)
Rosenheimer Straße 11
81667 München

Gerne nehmen wir Hinweise schriftlich, telefonisch oder auch persönlich entgegen. Wir sind in von Montag bis Freitag von 9:00 Uhr bis 15:00 Uhr erreichbar. Gerne vereinbaren wir auch einen persönlichen Termin oder ein Videotelefonat zu einem anderen Zeitpunkt. Eingehende Hinweise werden stets vertraulich behandelt.


Hinweisgebende können sich jederzeit über unser Hinweisgeberportal melden. Dort können Hinweise auch anonym abgeben werden. Gleichzeitig ist es für uns sehr hilfreich, wenn Hinweisgebende kontaktierbar sind, damit wir ihnen Fragen stellen können, die für die Untersuchung förderlich sein könnten. Mit der Einrichtung eines sog. Postkastens innerhalb des Hinweisgeberportals wird eine besonders geschützte und anonyme Kommunikation ermöglicht. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in den FAQ des Hnweisgeberportals.

Specific, well-founded indications of legal violations or breaches of rules at GEMA, a GEMA Group company or in our supply chains are important to us and can help us to identify possible compliance violations and prevent future misconduct.

Please contact the contact persons listed above or use our whistleblower portal with your suspicions or specific indications of legal violations, in particular economic crimes (e.g. fraud, corruption, embezzlement) and reports relating to violations of human rights (e.g. discrimination, violations of occupational health and safety measures, child or forced labor) or environmental damage. Any information received will always be treated confidentially. The whistleblower portal enables a technically secure, confidential exchange between the whistleblower and Compliance via an anonymized mailbox.

Violations or suspected violations of applicable human rights and environmental rights can also be reported via our internal reporting office and the whistleblower portal. The confidentiality obligations also apply to these cases, which are processed by the appointed human rights officer.
Further information can be found in the Complaints Procedure Rules (in the sense of the LkSG) and on the homepage of the whistleblower system at

For general questions about GEMA, GEMA membership or the licensing of music use, please get in touch with the relevant contact person. You can find them in our help centre.

Our internal reporting office and our whistleblower portal offer protection, rely on trust and guarantee fairness when dealing with information on possible irregularities and infringements. GEMA encourages everyone inside and outside the company who observes or suspects violations of the rules in connection with the GEMA Group to contact GEMA's internal reporting office without fear of reprisals and to report them openly.
Please help us to uncover violations in good time so that we can take decisive action against misconduct and avoid damage to GEMA, its members and employees and the companies in the GEMA Group.

Thank you for your trust and support!

External reporting offices

You also have the statutory right to contact the external reporting offices of the competent authorities.


Get help – quickly!

If you need us, our help centre offers answers to your questions – it is quick and easy to use and accessible to you 24/7 – and there are no waiting times.

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