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What is a delegate member and what are its duties?

Delegates represent over 90,000 associate GEMA members in the annual General Assembly. They stand up for the interests of the members, are their mouthpiece vis-à-vis the Supervisory Board and the GEMA Managing Committee and can vote on internal rules. The representation through the delegates ensures that associate members are adequately represented in the General Assembly and influence the decision-making process sustainably, without being in a position to outvote full members, however.

With regard to the General Assembly, delegates have all rights that full members hold, with the exception of the passive voting right (right to be elected) and the right to be represented. They can therefore participate in the General Assembly of full members, vote on changes of internal rules and regulations of GEMA and submit motions to change them. As such, the ways delegates can participate at GEMA go way beyond the legal minimum provisions as per section 20 VGG (Collecting Societies’ Act).

More information on holding office as a delegate and a list of current delegates
is available on our page on the delegates.

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