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Where can I view details on my payouts?

You can access detailed breakdowns (individual statements and usage statements) in the free online service GEMA download. If you do not have access to the service yet, apply for an activation.

  1. Individual statements = how much is the pay-out amount per work
  2. Usage statements = when and where were my works used
  3. For online categories, there are summary statements (how much is the pay-out amount per work) and detailed statements. (They contain information who used your works and how often.)
  4. For international income categories and the categories of the mechanical reproduction rights, our statements contain details on the amounts and usages.

Details on the pay-out can also be requested, against a fee, from the respective department:

  1. For domestic performances and broadcasts, our A/S Service (performances and broadcasts) is in charge, e-mail:
  2. For domestic royalty distributions (categories mechanical reproduction rights sound recordings & audiovisual recordings and online), our VR/A Service is in charge, e-mail:

You can get an overview of your revenues in the Online Portal under the service My royalties. There, you can also find out where the royalties come from (live, radio, TV/film, digital or international income) and the revenue generated by your 10 most successful works.

More on this in the video.

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