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What is a sound file and when should I upload it?

A sound file consists of:

  • An audio file of your musical work (only 1 work per audio file, no voice over, no finished commercial)
  • metadata of the work and of the recording (work title, work number, creator, commissioned composition?)

The sound file must be uploaded in the wav format (PCM,16 Bit/48 or 44.1 kHz) or mp3 (320 kbps) in the Online Portal. The upload of a sound file does not replace the GEMA work registration. The basis for the documentation is your work notification.

As a general rule, please register your work with us and upload the corresponding sound file in the Online Portal . The sound file is rather essential if you expect that your composition is used in advertising, TV/radio programmes, clubs and discotheques or online.

Monitoring service providers need your audio file in order to monitor your work. That way, a unique fingerprint of your audio file is created and makes it possible to track it in the usage categories you selected. These are also requirements for creating a usage report. 

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