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What do I need to be aware of as a publisher if I use the Electronic Confirmation Process (ECP)? What has changed as a result of the new derivation logic?

If you are a publisher, you can continue to add the publisher attribute for the authors whom you represent as a publisher, just like you did before. What’s new is that only said authors are then shown in the ECP lists thus generated.

Authors who have no publisher relationship to your publisher according to our documentation will not be shown in the ECP lists.

If you are missing an author for one or several works in your list, please register the fact that you have become the publisher of it/them via the usual work declaration procedures.

If there is an author in your list with whom you do not have a publisher relationship at all, or where the publisher relationship has ended, you can cancel it via the ECP.

We created an overview where we summarised the new features and important tips or you.

Go to the complete ECP description  the chapters of which are referred to in the overview.

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Feel free to familiarise yourself in more depth with the new share rules.

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