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How can I notify you of changes to the works?

Changes to the works can only be submitted by GEMA members who are directly participating in the works, or by their legal successors or authorised representatives.

The easiest way for you to submit changes to a work is by using our Online Portal:

  1. In the dashboard, go to My repertoire.
  2. You can carry out a Change notification for the respective work under Options.
  3. To add or change a work's title, duration, instrumentation, language and genre, select Supplementary work details (title, duration, instrumentation etc.) You can find step-by-step instructions here.

  4. If you want to change or add shares or participating authors and/or publishers, select Complete work change (incl. Instrumentation or line-up).

  5. If other authors and publishers are participants in your work, the change must be agreed upon among all other contributors first.

It is important that you have been activated for using the work declaration service. Should this not be the case yet, you can access the corresponding form via the Online Portal.

Further information on how to submit work declarations using the Online Portal is shown in this video.

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