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Which rights do I assign to GEMA with the Deed of Assignment?

You assign to us as a trustee all rights in your works you are currently entitled to and those accruing, devolving, redevolving to you or otherwise acquired by you during the term of this Deed for specific types of use. In this context, the most important types of use are: 

  • Performing rights
  • Broadcasting rights for radio and TV
  • Mechanical reproduction rights and distribution rights for audio, audiovisual and multimedia carriers
  • Communication to the public rights for radio and TV broadcasts
  • Communication to the public rights via audio and audiovisual carriers
  • Film performance rights and (unlimited) film synchronisation right
  • Statutory remuneration rights such as what is known as hardware levy and blank media levy (blank tape remuneration)
  • Making available rights i.e. make music available on the internet or by similar means in such a way that it is available to music users at any time, anywhere.
  • Rights to use music as ringtone melodies

Separate rights management conditions

Documents are only available in German.

Synchronisation rights for UGC platforms

Synchronisation rights for online usage by broadcasting companies

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