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How does GEMA know where and how often my works were used?

There are various ways and means to find out. Organisers of live events are, for example, obliged to submit a playlist (setlist) after the event. In the broadcasting sector (TV and radio), the channels or broadcasting companies are obliged to provide us broadcast reports.

Depending on the type of music use, we get hold of the data:

Organisers of live events are obliged to submit a playlist after the event. Music users can do this simply by using the Online Portal under the service My setlists. There are, of course, deadlines for submission that apply to event organisers so that you get your money in time.

Good to know: If you perform your own works, you can submit your setlist, instead of your event organiser.

  • Another means of support regarding the detection of your works is the soundfile which you can upload via the Online Portal.
  • Channels or broadcasting companies (TV and radio) are obliged to submit broadcast reports to us.
  • With our discotheque monitoring of selected discos all over Germany, we also identify which works are played, and how often.
  • Based on contracts with online platforms such as YouTube, we can license online uses in the categories Mixed Online Platforms (GOP). These platforms provide the usage reports for the works to us.
  • We receive data from abroad via the respective collective management organisations of each country, our so-called sister societies.
  • Finally, the producers report music uses to us in the mechanical reproduction sector.

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