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Which deductions are made from the income?

We differentiate between two types of deductions:

  • For social and cultural purposes, we thus founded the GEMA Social Fund, for example, a social compensation fund which pays out benefits in old age, cases of illness, accidents and cases of hardship.
  • For our administration costs which are set by the Supervisory Board and the Managing Committee by mutual consent.

Deductions for social and cultural purposes:

From admission fees and membership fees, we take 10 percent for social and cultural purposes. The same applies to the public performance categories where we also make 10 percent of the income available.

Deductions for our administration costs: 

In the mechanical reproduction and distribution rights categories, we levy commissions between 6.7 and 20 percent.  In the case of online uses, we apply a 10 percent deduction from the income. In the international income category for mechanical reproduction and distribution rights, we retain 2 percent and for the performing rights 5 percent.

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