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What do I need to indicate when I grant an authorisation?

Please indicate the following details:

Customer number

Authorising party (owner):


  • First and family name
  • Address


  • Complete company name
  • Managing Director (first and family name)
  • Company address


  • Name of the association
  • 1. Chairperson with first and family name
  • Address of the association

Authorised party:

This must be a natural person, not a firm of chartered accountants or such like. It is, however, possible that employees of the chartered accountants are authorised parties.

  • First and family name
  • Function and relationship to the principal (authorising party)
  • Note whether the authorised party is also entitled to grant delegated powers of attorney or sub-authorisations
  • Note whether the authorisation is a general power of attorney or just an authorisation for a specific process
  • Validity of the authorisation: time-limited or unlimited
  • Personal handwritten legible signature by the authorising party, a digital signature will not be recognised.
  • We cannot recognise authorisations or powers of attorney which have been signed by proxy or per procurationem
  • It will not be recognised if the authorised party authorises themselves, unless the person is the Managing Director or Chairperson (pls. Include evidence)

If several authorised parties shall be registered individually, a form for each authorised party must be completed.

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