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Do I have to report GEMA free music?

Yes, you also have to report to us if you use music in the public domain, or GEMA free music. It is only on the basis of your notification that we can check your played titles. In the case of events, please submit a setlist for this purpose. It will show whether the music in question is really GEMA free. The basis for this process is the so-called GEMA presumption.

Use our  price calculator in our Online Portal, to notify us about events with GEMA free music:

  • Select the type of event that applies to you and enter the required details.
  • Sign up once you have been prompted to notify us of the music use.
  • There is a commentary field on the basket. Please enter the information in it that the event is held with GEMA free music.
  • Once the event is over, please submit your setlist, you can simply do this via the Online Portal in the service My setlist.
  • If you cannot find the GEMA free title with our Search repertoire function, please use the option Capture manually and enter the required data there.
  • Tick the box Report as GEMA free under the setlist if only GEMA free music is involved.
  • Upon successful verification, your invoice will be cancelled.
We also need evidence if you use music in public on a permanent basis, e.g. in a restaurant or in retail, that the music in question is GEMA free.

Did you know? In the service Search repertoire , you can obtain information whether the music is GEMA free or not before you use it.  Please note that the details provided in the repertoire search are, however, for information only and non-binding, and as such only an initial reference point.

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