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How high are the GEMA fees for the retail trade?

For just a small monthly fee, you can play music which creates a pleasant atmosphere in your retail shop and which is going to be appreciated by your customers and staff alike.

The level of GEMA remuneration (which is strictly speaking not a fee of GEMA) for retail depends mainly on the floor space or room size. We distinguish between up to 100 sq metres, up to 200 sq metres etc.

The type of medium used, i.e. whether you select to play music from original CDs (streaming etc.), via radio or TV also affect the GEMA remuneration. Also applicable: The longer the contractual duration, the less it costs. As such, a monthly remuneration in the case of an annual contract is lower than when you just enter into a monthly contract, however, the former can only be terminated annually.

All our tariffs are included in our tariff overview for retail, surgeries, hair salons etc. Apart from the remuneration levels for background music, they also include tariffs for music on hold, online uses (to a small extent) and reproduction (e.g. copying of original CDs).   

Good to know: Said remuneration for background music include all supplementary charges by GVL, the Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten mbH, VG Wort, the Verwertungsgesellschaft Wort and Corint Media GmbH. We are taking care of the collection on behalf of the above mentioned organisations.

If you want to calculate the price applicable to your use and to register the music, please use our price calculator

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