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I would like to use background music on my website. Which tariff is applicable and how do I register the music?

If you offer background music on your website, out tariff for websites VR-OD 10 (II.2.b.3 licence package background music) takes effect. You can notify us of music usages under this tariff in our Online Portal.

Background music is played when a website is opened without the need for the website visitor to select anything.  This usage is often confused with music in videos. (For music in videos, the licence for video on demand streaming/download does, however, apply). An exact definition and other useful information on retrieval numbers and prices can be accessed at our tariff for websites.

Please note that you may have to obtain other necessary rights directly from the rightsholders, independently of the licensing process with us. By way of example, we want to mention neighbouring rights/master rights (label) when you use original master recordings and film synchronisation rights/adaptation rights  (usually the music publisher) at this point.

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