INFORMATION ON DISCOTHEQUE MONITORING AT GEMA DISTRIBUTION OF CATEGORIES DK AND DK VR ON JUNE 1ST 2021 GEMA licenses mechanical music reproduction in halls with regular dancing according to the
01.01.1970What happens if WvS should disappear from the market?
What happens if WvS should disappear from the market? Since WvS acts only as an intermediary, you have concluded your contract with the respective insurance company individually and it is then valid
INFORMATION ON DISCOTHEQUE MONITORING AT GEMA Distribution of categories DK and DK VR on June 1 ST www.gema.de/musiknutzer/musik-lizenzieren/ diskothek-club-mit-tanz Most of Germany's around 2.000
09.09.2021Supported foundations
Supported foundations Franz-Grothe-Stiftung The foundation was established by the composer and pianist Franz Grothe (1908-1982) in 1960 in Bad Wiessee. Its goal is to support competent and needy
FAQS ON THE GEMA DOWNLOAD SERVICE Which functionalities does this online service include? The GEMA download service offers our members the option to retrieve details on their distributions
01.01.1970Which insurers are behind the packages?
Which insurers are behind the packages? Depending on the subject matter, WvS works with the most competent insurers in each case, who are also generally among the top addresses in the industry: R+V,
01.01.1970Who are the speakers? Are the speakers external or internal?
Who are the speakers? Are the speakers external or internal? The speakers at our workshops on all aspects of GEMA come directly from the respective GEMA departments so that your questions can be
CLAIM MISSING EVENTS VIA THE ONLINE PORTAL Is there an event that is missing in your live payout? Claim it via the online portal, quick and simple! STEP 1 Log on to the online portal. If you are not
09.09.2021My Setlists
My setlists Submit playlists for national and international live events - paperless As a music user you know how important it is to submit playlists resp. set lists to GEMA immediately after the
INFORMATION ABOUT DISTRIBUTION IN CATEGORIES E, ED, EM AND BM For business year 2018 Notice: Explanations for the terminology can be found at point 5, glossary. New distribution dates from business
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