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Information on membership - Information on membership
Information on membership GEMA: Custodian of the creators of music Anyone who composes music, writes music lyrics or publishes works of music, is entitled to receive reasonable payment whenever
Distribution dates
* International income (both rights) is paid out on an ongoing basis upon receipt on the first day of each quarter. Pay-out details including country specifications are available on the GEMA
Information on the membership application for music publishers
It is clear why publishers enjoy advantages if they are GEMA members: You can be sure that GEMA issues licences and checks the relevant exploitations of your published works, and looks after the
GEMA WORK NUMBER AUTHORISATION TO ARRANGE A WORK (applicable to only one work) I hereby confirm that: Last name First name has with my explicit permission arranged my (published) work: for the
Confirmation Declaration
Confirmation Declaration The confirmation declaration can be used in the Electronic Confirmation Process and will be accepted by GEMA. The declaration is based on the current legal situation and is
GEMA Members and Partners Administration P.O. Box 80 07 67 81607 München Telephone +49 30-21245-600 Fax +49 89 48003-555 Email mitgliederpartner@gema.de Internet www.gema.de POWER OF
You are leaving the GEMA website and are re-directed to a site hosted by Wulff von Sivers Versicherungsvermittlung (WvS). WvS alone is responsible for said website and its contents. GEMA wishes to
Statement on the interview on Welt Online
An interview on Welt Online with the president and CEO of Sony Music, Edgar Berger, has caused a great amount of excitement since February 22, 2012. Berger refers to GEMA in one section of the
Pay-outs/Distribution of domestic income
For claims regarding unpaid domestic performance and broadcasting royalties the below-mentioned standard forms should be used and sent to the e-mail address as-service@gema.de. Prior to
Who chooses the winners?
Who chooses the winners? The winners will be selected by the respective organiser. If it is a showcase at GEMA (such as at the Long Night of Music), the winner will be selected via an internal vote
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