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Which rights do I assign to GEMA with the Deed of Assignment?
… Performing rights Broadcasting rights for radio and TV Mechanical reproduction rights and…
When does a GEMA membership make sense?
… works have been performed in public, broadcast via radio or TV or released by third parties via commercially…
Saturday, 5.30 pm – Workshop FINGERPRINTING & MONITORING
… procedures for television, TV advertising and radio. You will get some insights into the distribution of…
GEMA: Financial performance in 2012
… 2009: €10.6 million, 2008: €7.3 million). Radio and Television Collection proceeds from radio and…
GEMA posts positive result for 2013
… 2009: €10.6 million, 2008: €7.3 million). Radio and televisionThanks to the conclusion of contract…
Personnel changes at GEMA: Kilian Steiner leaves GEMA
… with German public broadcasters and private radio stations, and his achievements will be felt over the…
Sony/ATV launches joint venture with PRS for Music and GEMA
…“You’ve Got a Friend,” “Moon River,” “Jailhouse Rock,” “The Mission Impossible Theme,” “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,”…
… PRS-territories • User-related territories, like Radio RTL The reasons for this decision are as follows.…
… fehlende Abrechnung von Musiknutzungen im Ausland – Radio / International Royalty Claim – Radio
…Hinweis über Musiknutzungen im Ausland – Radio Notification of International Music Usage – Radio GEMA-Mitgliedsnummer*…
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