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Advertising monitoring: Next steps towards digitisation launched
GEMA and public service TV stations now rely more heavily on audio fingerprint monitoring. Analyses of music use in TV advertising (commercials) are increasingly carried out by means of audio
Copyright: EU-Parliament sees need for more discussion
In today’s vote on copyright a small majority of European parliamentarians has chosen not yet to start negotiations with the Council and the Commission. The recommendations of the Committee on Legal
The European Parliament cannot allow itself to be hijacked by pirates
A vote against the Legal Affairs Committee’s report would be a slap in the face of all culture creators and artists. The European Parliament decides on the 5th July on the tripartite negotiations
Success for creators: regional court Hamburg sentences online service UseNeXT to pay damages
The collective management rights organisation GEMA wins case with regional court Hamburg against Usenet access provider Aviteo Ltd. The judges confirmed that access providers, whose business model
GEMA’s call for a fair copyright received in the EU Parliament
Wednesday, 20 June 2018, the European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs has through a landmark vote spoken out to strengthen the rights of creators vis-à-vis online platforms. The reg-ulation
FORMS OF MEMBERSHIP What forms of membership are there? GEMA distinguishes between affiliated, extraordinary and ordinary members. Only full members are members in the sense of the German law on
_________________________________________________________________ Admission Procedure for Music Publishers The application for membership In order to avoid further inquiries and the delays these
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